Cost effective access to                    new seismic data                   

As energy companies increasingly strive to reduce the cost of seismic data, they are turning to cost-sharing arrangements such as multi-client surveys.

Arcis Seismic Solutions (Arcis) offers industry access to high quality, modern 2D and 3D seismic data, at reduced cost, through new survey proposals. Data is acquired through multi-client surveys or on an exclusive basis between Arcis and Energy and Production participants in areas where we believe there is a demand for high-resolution seismic data due to a lack of existing coverage or inadequate vintage data.

Typically, Arcis retains ownership of the data and licenses a copy to interested parties at a fraction of the acquisition costs. Our flexible terms and conditions allow the creation of unique proposals to fit your individual needs and ultimately reduce exploration and development costs.

Arcis is the only multi-client data provider with geoscientists on staff and the only provider to create final technical reports on all new data acquisition.

New Seismic Data

  • Multi-client surveys are acquired where a number of companies have interest in the same data set. Participants acquire a licensed copy of the data for approximately 25% of traditional total costs.
  • Exclusive surveys are created by working with a limited number of companies (usually one), where Arcis assumes up to 40% of the total cost to acquire and process the data. In all cases, Arcis retains ownership of the seismic data for future resale after the expiry of any exclusive periods.

Both of the above services provide our clients access to new seismic data at reduced rates, with the flexibility in terms and conditions to meet their objectives and address their concerns.

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