France is one of the largest as well as the most important economies among the European Union (EU) countries. The energy supply sector of France is primarily dominated by nuclear energy and crude oil with an aggregate share of 74.4%. Natural gas on the other hand has traditionally played a comparatively minor role in the French energy sector. However, with growing energy demand, the role of natural gas is growing at steady rate, with natural gas accounting for around 13.4% of the total primary energy supply. Further, natural gas production in France has been continuously declining over the past few years, making it more dependent on gas imports. However, with new LNG projects being undertaken in the country the reliance on natural gas imports is expected to ease down.

The French energy sector is primarily dependent on three main energy sources: nuclear, oil and gas. In 2009, nuclear energy contributed around 41.3% in primary energy supply, which is the single largest source of energy. Next highest contribution is from oil, which accounted for around 33.1%, followed by natural gas (13.4 %), renewable energies 7.6% and solid fuels which accounted for 4.6%.


(from GlobalData)