Mexico is a net exporter of energy and has abundant reserves of natural gas and crude oil. It is one of the major non-OPEC oil and gas producers in the world. Lack of adequate funding from the government and poor infrastructure has lowered its exploration and production. Due to its poor pipeline infrastructure, Mexico imports gas from the U.S. as its production facilities are located in one corner (Northern side) while development is located in other corner (Southern side).

Oil and gas sector plays an important role in Mexico’s economy. During the recent years, energy contribution to the country’s economy has remained low though nearly one third of government’s revenue as well as 10% of the exports earnings come from the oil sector.

In 2009, crude oil was the largest source of energy consumed in Mexico (54.7%), followed by natural gas (33.8%), coal (3.6%), hydroelectricity (5.1%), renewable energy (2.3%) and nuclear energy (0.4%).


(from GlobalData)